Individual support for mental well-being of your employees

Mental health is individual. That's why Likeminded offers a variety of effective formats to provide your employees with the perfect support for any situation. Together with our team of experienced psychologists and therapists, we help you to sustainably increase the mental well-being of your employees.

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  • Choose your format
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Offers freely combinable


  • Uncomplicated registration
  • Quick & easy booking
  • Daily available


  • Peer Workshops
  • Regular live events
  • Destigmatization and prevention


  • Safe & discreet conversations
  • Psychological confidentiality
  • Your data is safe

How does Likeminded work?

Live events

Monthly expert webinars on selected mental health topics with the opportunity to ask questions directly in live chat.


Group workshops with peers from your company to develop strategies for increasing mental well-being. A safe space, accompanied by trained psychologists.

1on1 counseling

1-to-1 video sessions with qualified psychologists or psychotherapists to work through individual issues - both personal and work-related

Self-help exercises

Digital exercises and meditations for overcoming everyday challenges and sustainably changing one's own behavior and thought patterns.

Our psychological mentors


Likeminded mentor

I'm Jessica, a psychologist and behavioral therapist. I am passionate about helping people better understand their own experience and behavior, and providing them with strategies to promote their well-being and maintain their health.


Likeminded mentor

I am Julian, psychologist & coach. I believe that working on yourself, believing in yourself and finding your own path is the best thing you can do. Because by doing so, you not only help yourself, but also everyone around you to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Likeminded mentor

As a psychotherapist & coach, I want to change the way we think about mental health. I am passionate about guiding people on the path of change, identifying patterns, unearthing undiscovered resources and fostering growth.


Yes, Likeminded offers a pilot phase where you have the opportunity to try out our offering with your employees.

All Likeminded mentors have studied psychology and are also trained by Likeminded. The mentors are specifically trained in dealing with groups and the digital support of users. All mentors also undergo continuous supervision and coaching.

All participants undertake in advance to maintain confidentiality when taking part in the workshop. This is ensured by an explicit query and obligatory agreement before the start of the workshop.