Online group courses for grief

  • Developed by psychologists
  • Talk to likeminded people
  • Anonymous participation possible

  • You have lost someone close to you and feel intense grief
  • You find it difficult to turn to new tasks and relationships
  • You are looking for a sympathetic ear or someone to talk to
  • Online course: receive helpful content and get to know effective exercises
  • Individual mentor call: talk to your psychologist and define positive goals
  • Group discussions: get support from likeminded people

Your Likeminded Sessions

Your Likeminded Sessions

  • Just One Click Away: join your 60 min session via audio or video - no installation necessary

  • Group Setting: a safe space with 3-5 likeminded participants

  • Course Structure: weekly exercises and concepts – discuss and practice together with your psychologist


  • Non-binding & free of charge
  • Choose a suitable course
  • We will find the right group for you


  • 5 weekly group sessions
  • 2 check-ins with your psychologist
  • Individual final consultation


  • Dissatisfied - get your money back
  • Less than $13 per session
  • Final call with your psychologist

Our psychological mentors


Likeminded mentor

I'm Nina, a psychological mentor at Likeminded with a focus on psychodynamics. It is particularly important to me to help you work on your goals and develop yourself further.


Founder & Likeminded mentor

As a psychologist and founder of Likeminded, my vision is to empower people to take back the steering wheel of their lives to achieve mental health and fulfillment.


Likeminded mentor

I'm a psychologist at Likeminded, specialised in positive psychology. It is very important to me that users have the chance not only to become healthy, but also to become really happy.

$89 per course

Satisfaction guarantee
Free info call

Experiences of our users


At Likeminded I can talk to my group and my mentor week after week and I feel understood. Since I've joined Likeminded, I've been able to deal with my low self-esteem much better.

Enhanced self-esteem
April, 2020


It's great to talk to people who can truly understand me and my situation. I look forward to every session with my group and my mentor! Thanks for the great tips and advice, you are great!

Talked about depression
December, 2019


It felt good to talk to other people who were in similar situations or at least felt the way as I did. After each session, I felt a little better and made fast progress. Thank you for being there for me!

Overcame heartbreak
June, 2020


  • Choose the course you want to attend in your info session
  • Talk to your psychologist and define effective goals for your course
  • In group sessions you will learn helpful contents and exercises
  • In your final meeting, your psychologist will give you valuable tips and advice on how to continue after the course

It's easy! After having completed your course, you can give us feedback if you liked it. If you were not satisfied with your course, you will get your money back.

All Likeminded mentors have studied psychology and are also trained by Likeminded. The mentors are specifically trained in dealing with groups and the digital support of users. All mentors also undergo continuous supervision and coaching.

Your course ends with a one-on-one interview with your psychologist. Together you decide what your next step will be. Take another course, keep seeing your group weekly, or continue your journey alone. Your psychologist will help you with the decision.