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  • Online group courses tailored to your individual situation
  • Accompanied by psychologists and supported by valuable content
  • Anonymous participation and guaranteed psychological confidentiality


  • Developed by psychologists
  • Live sessions with mentors
  • Interactive exercises


  • Join from anywhere
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  • People that understand you
  • Place for emotional support
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  • Anonymous participation possible
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Your Likeminded Sessions

Your Likeminded Sessions

  • Just One Click Away: join your 60 min session via audio or video - no installation necessary

  • Group Setting: a safe space with 3-5 likeminded participants

  • Course Structure: weekly exercises and concepts – discuss and practice together with your psychologist

How does Likeminded work?


Schedule info call and review your situation

In your info call, we discuss your current situation and decide on the best next step for you.


Set goals and start your path with Likeminded Bundle

Likeminded Bundle is a 13-week journey of Foundation and Deep Dive blocks where you will work on your self-awareness and mental health.


Support your mental health with Open Sessions

Continue improving your mental health in the open group sessions and apply what you have learned from the Likeminded Bundle journey into your everyday life.


Grow emotionally and build resilience

Mental health is a lifelong journey. With the right impulses, you get to know yourself better and better to become the version of yourself you want to be.

Our psychological mentors


Likeminded mentor

I'm Jessica, a psychologist and behavioral therapist. I am passionate about helping people better understand their own experience and behavior, and providing them with strategies to promote their well-being and maintain their health.


Likeminded mentor

I am Julian, psychologist & coach. I believe that working on yourself, believing in yourself and finding your own path is the best thing you can do. Because by doing so, you not only help yourself, but also everyone around you to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Likeminded mentor

As a psychotherapist & coach, I want to change the way we think about mental health. I am passionate about guiding people on the path of change, identifying patterns, unearthing undiscovered resources and fostering growth.

Experiences of our users


At Likeminded I can talk to my group and my mentor week after week and I feel understood. Since I've joined Likeminded, I've been able to deal with my low self-esteem much better.

Enhanced self-esteem
April, 2020


It's great to talk to people who can truly understand me and my situation. I look forward to every session with my group and my mentor! Thanks for the great tips and advice, you are great!

Talked about depression
December, 2019


It felt good to talk to other people who were in similar situations or at least felt the way as I did. After each session, I felt a little better and made fast progress. Thank you for being there for me!

Overcame heartbreak
June, 2020


The Likeminded bundle consists of a 5-week Foundation block and an 8-week Deep Dive block. You start your journey with a call with one of our psychological mentors where you define your goals and challenges. Based on this call we will match you within the next one to three weeks with a suitable group and a mentor that will accompany you in your weekly sessions. After the 4th session, you will have another individual check-in with your mentor who will give you valuable tips and will discuss any personal topics.

After your Foundation block ends, you will continue with your group or will be matched within the next one to three weeks with the most suitable mentor and group based on your interests and needs for your Deep Dive block where you go deeper into the course topic. Before the bundle ends, you will have another individual check-in with your psychological mentor to evaluate your wellbeing and get recommendations about how to continue your journey.

We have divided the payment in two, to make it easier for you.
When you purchase the course bundle, you will first only pay for the Foundation block of the course (5 sessions + 2 individual check-ins). After your purchase, you have 14 days to get your money back, pursuant to our withdrawal policy which you can find here.

And on a voluntary basis and without prejudice to your statutory rights as a consumer, after that period of time, you can still cancel the 2nd payment at any moment before the Foundation block is completed. Otherwise, the payment is automatically triggered once you have completed the Foundation block (after your 5th session). You can cancel the second payment in your Likeminded profile or by sending us an email.

It’s very simple! If you are not satisfied with your sessions, you have 14 days to get your money back after the purchase of the Foundation or Deep Dive Blocks pursuant to our withdrawal policy which you can find here.

All Likeminded mentors have studied psychology and are also trained by Likeminded. The mentors are specifically trained in dealing with groups and the digital support of users. All mentors also undergo continuous supervision and coaching.

Your bundle ends with a one-on-one interview with your psychologist where you decide together on your next steps. If you decide to continue your journey with us, you can participate in weekly or bi-weekly group sessions, focusing on exchange with other users. And, you can always stay part of the Likeminded community, participating in the chat rooms and other events. Your psychologist will help you with the decision.