Happier, more relaxed & resilient with Likeminded

No matter how busy your day is - Likeminded offers flexible ways to boost your mental health.

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Why Likeminded

Flexible offers for every schedule

A wide range of formats allows you to make progress, no matter how much time you have. From 5-minute exercises to in-depth workshops.

Support for your issues

Whether private problems, professional challenges or personal development, Likeminded offers you the right support.

Personalized recommendations

Thanks to personalized recommendations, you know where to start and find exactly the offers and content that match your goals and needs.

Guaranteed anonymity

Your personal data and usage behavior will be treated confidentially at all times and will not be shared with your employer or third parties.

Likeminded supports you with your topics

Anxiety & Worries
Body & Mind
Goals & Values
Identity & Diversity
Job & Career
Giving feedback
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How it works

Start your path to better mental health and more resilience

Highly qualified experts accompany your journey at Likeminded

Our team of over 100+ psychological experts is more than just qualified. They bring empathy, understanding and a deep passion for your development. They are here to listen, support and develop goals and solutions together with you.

Highly qualified specialists with academic training and extensive experience

More than 30 languages, a wide variety of nationalities and expertise

Diversity for LGBTQIA+ & PoC support

Evidence-based approaches with methods based on the latest scientific findings

Supervision and training guarantee the best services

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Still having doubts?


We know that your time is precious. That's why our formats are flexibly designed to fit into your everyday life. From short to in-depth, on-demand or live.

No priority

While mental health may not be your priority right now, it's important to take preventative care of it before minor challenges become major problems.

I am happy

That's what we want for you! To keep it that way, you can work with Likeminded to strengthen your resilience and healthy routines and (further) develop yourself personally.

Questions? We have the answers!

Should I expect to be in the same group format as my colleagues?
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What is Likeminded not?
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What does Likeminded mean by mental health?
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How can I use Likeminded as an employee? What technical system requirements do I need to meet?
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How does an Individual Session work?
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How is anonymity ensured at Likeminded?
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What training do Psychological Experts at Likeminded have?
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How does a Group Workshop work?
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Start now into a healthier, happier and more relaxed life with Likeminded

Discover simple exercises and meditations for less stress and more mindfulness. Learn resilience and conflict management skills in exciting group workshops. And work on your personal development in individual sessions with one of our 100+ psychological experts.

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