Great leadership is built on mental strength. Likeminded is here to support.

Leaders must navigate complex demands while consistently serving as role models. All while keeping the team satisfied and motivated. Likeminded provides support for you and your team.

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You make the difference for your team

Leadership requires self-care

Leading others effectively begins with mastering self-leadership. Understanding and tending to your own needs is crucial in this process.

Success needs a solid foundation

When employees aren't doing well, it affects both the team and success. Low motivation makes it challenging to achieve shared goals.

You set the example

As a leader, you embody the way our company wants to conduct itself and address challenges.

Strong solutions drive efficiency

As a successful leader, you seek tools that you can quickly and seamlessly utilize. Likeminded is implemented in your company in just a few steps.

Here's how you maximize your team's benefit

Take advantage of Likeminded yourself

As a leader, you benefit from competent support and become an authentic advocate.

Refer to our wide variety of mental health offerings

Utilize team meetings or one-on-one meetings to highlight Likeminded, especially during challenging phases.

Foster an open dialogue environment

Communicate and embody your company's commitment to prioritizing mental health in the workplace

Make mental health a priority in your company

Regularly share resources or new Likeminded offerings with your employees.

Proven effectiveness, the Likeminded study

Intention to quit

By utilizing Likeminded, the intention of employees to resign has significantly decreased, strengthening their attachment to the company.

Psychological strain

Since using Likeminded, the participants' mental stress on a scale from 1 to 6 has been reduced by 15.5%.

Mental health

Since using Likeminded, the mental health of 55.4% of users has significantly increased. As a result, enhanced productivity has been observed.

A scientific study on the effectiveness of Likeminded

Get the paper for the 3-month study on our effectiveness with the Free University of Berlin!


Our formats in detail

Individual Sessions

Discuss personal and work-related issues individually in one-to-one video sessions with qualified therapists or psychologists.

Conversation with video and/or microphone

With a coach, therapist or psychologist

Booking within 24 hours

Group Workshops

Work on practical tips and strategies in a safe space with like-minded people. Guided by trained Psychological Experts to develop effective approaches to specific issues.

Conversation with video and/or microphone

Deep knowledge building on a topic

Input from experts & free exchange with the group

Exchange Groups

Gain insight into the experiences of like-minded people who are dealing with similar issues as you. Look forward to a personal and open exchange in a protected environment, accompanied by Psychological Experts.

Conversation with video and/or microphone

Interactive exchange with people in similar situations

Interactive Live-Sessions


Monthly live webinars and exercises with other Likeminded community members help you discover selected topics. Guided by Psychological Experts.

Participation without video or microphone

Exchange through the chat as well as anonymous live voting

Building up competencies on a specific topic

Media library

On-demand webinars, digital exercises and meditations help you overcome everyday challenges and make sustainable behavioral changes.

Developed with experienced psychologists

Flexible use, anytime and anywhere

Digital exercises, meditations, video content, and literature

Highly qualified and certified experts

Our psychological experts have been recruited according to the highest quality standards and represent a wide range of backgrounds, age groups, and specialties.

100+ psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and certified coaches

Wide variety of nationalities and languages

30+ Languages

Diversity for LGBTQIA+ and PoC support

Regular supervisions and training ensure top performance

How to gain access to Likeminded yourself

1. Register and create your personal profile

All data transfer is secured with SSL encryption

German servers, data stored to the highest standards

Straight forward verification process with the employee-ID

2. Self-assessment via questionnaire

Quickly capture important aspects of your well-being

Subjects such as stress levels, resilience, and work-life balance

Individual offering suggestions based on your input

3. Get started and book your first offering

Individual sessions with trained psychologists

Group workshops, exchange groups, and webinars

Guides and a comprehensive media library

Begin your journey to mental strength

Schedule your first individual session and experience firsthand the positive impact of Likeminded.

Get started

Join us and empower the mental health and resilience of your team