Olga Klamut

Olga Klamut is a psychologist, somatic therapist and scientific researcher, currently pursuing a PhD in medical psychology at Charles University in Prague. She specialises in self-regulation and integrates into her therapeutic work an understanding of the interplay between body and mind, with a particular focus on the nervous system. Her expertise in stress management aims to promote holistic well-being in both organisational and individual contexts. Olga also holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology within the Individual Interdisciplinary Humanistic Studies programme at the University of Wrocław.

In her role as a psychologist, Olga strives to guide her clients towards better self-awareness and emotion regulation. She uses her multidisciplinary background as a psychologist, PhD researcher, yoga teacher and certified practitioner of Somatic Stress Release to help her clients build a conscious relationship with themselves, their bodies and the world around them. Having grown up multicultural herself, she is fluent in English and Polish.

For more information about Olga's clinical and academic work, please visit her website www.olaklamut.com.