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Why Likeminded


Handling data in a safe and respectful way is one of our main priorities.


We offer mental health support on demand. Choose what you need in the current moment and switch between formats as you like.


We take pride in making mental health support accessible for everyone, so we offer support in 11 different languages whilst adding more on a monthly basis.


We make it possible to make mental progress from the comfort of your home.

Different intensity formats

Whether you want to start an intense mental health journey with 1-1 or group-sessions or just wish for a little support on the side using audio materials, we got you covered.

Client support

We truly care about people and their wellbeing, so we always strive to give our clients the best experience possible by supporting them in their needs.

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Our formats

Individual Sessions

In an individual session, you have the opportunity to discuss a topic of your choice with a Likeminded mentor. You can talk about anything that is on your mind – whether it's professional or personal. Your Likeminded mentor will listen to you, advise you, and work with you to develop goals and solutions.

Our formats

Group Workshops

Our group workshops offer you the perfect balance of psychological input from your Likeminded psychologist and free exchange with the other group participants. The focus here is on working out strategies together to deal with challenges in everyday life in a better way. You can choose the workshop which suits your current situation best from a wide range of topics, for example, stress, sleep, communication, self-esteem, rumination, habits, and many more.

Our formats

Expert Webinars

Our webinars give you a great introduction to the various topics around mental health. The webinars are live and interactive. We encourage you to ask questions and take part in the polls. Of course, your participation in the webinars is anonymous. Join us & learn!

Our formats

Media Library

Our media library supports you on your mental wellbeing, whenever you need it. You will learn strategies recommended by our psychologists which will help you to sustainably focus on yourself and your mental health. With our audio exercises, you learn how to reflect on your needs, values, and thoughts and how to initiate the first changes. Our meditations support you in integrating mindfulness into your everyday life and connecting with yourself more consciously.

Don’t just compile the numbers – connect the dots

Interest in mental health. Current topics. Favorite formats. Understand your employees to make better decisions and drive meaningful change in your organization.

Likeminded activity report

Gather data on how your company is using Likeminded

The Likeminded activity report is designed to provide the greatest possible anonymity for our users and thus only comprises summarized results. It will give you a quick overview of its impact on your employees and thus on your entire organization. Collect insights and plan for effective action to build a people-first culture.


What our customers say about Likeminded

This is one of the reasons why our partners like working with us. Happy employees – happy clients.

I wasn't sure what to expect at first and was then very positively surprised. The mentor's content and the perspectives of others helped me gain valuable insights. I am fascinated by the impact a group of likeminded people has left on me.

Platform member
Employee at Data4life

I just started with Likeminded, and I am impressed so far. From the questions I was asked, I could see that I was listened to very well. I have only attended one workshop, and it was very professional and to the point.

Platform member
Employee at Zenjob

The support I received was amazing. My group workshop mentor was responsive to each of us and didn't just give generic answers. I have enjoyed every session so far and look forward to more.

Platform member
Employee at Chronext

My mentor was successful in getting the participants to interact with each other. All members were really engaged in the conversations and didn't have time to be distracted by their cell phones or anything like that. The mentors create space for breathing exercises, which always calms me down.

Platform member
Employee at Zenjob

I highly recommend Likeminded to get started. I feel that I understand myself much better. Together with my therapist I have set goals and I don't feel judged when I reveal everything I am going through.

Platform member
Employee at Data4life

I had never had a session before and wasn't sure at first if it would be something for me. Likeminded was my first experience with therapy, and I am now very grateful to see how much it can change the way I work and my own wellbeing.

Platform member
Employee at Bravobike

I am always impressed with the quality of service I receive. I never thought I would be able to find a therapist so quickly, so I am very happy about my employer's collaboration with Likeminded.

Platform member
Employee at Chronext

The session was very nicely done, had a good mix of theory and practice! In addition, the presenter seemed to know what she was talking about and was able to take what was said and incorporate it into the meeting well.

Platform member
Employee at Edding

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