Our mission

Creating a world that offers mental health for all

At Likeminded, we believe that in a world where companies champion mental health, more people can live fulfilling lives. We want to empower more people than ever to take full control of their lives/achieve their full potential.

Together, we can break the stigma around mental health and make the world a better place for each of us. Are you in?

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Our approach

Kimberly Breuer, CEO on the Likeminded approach

If no two people are the same, why offer them the same solution? At Likeminded, we know that the journey to greater mental well-being must be individual and flexible. That's why we work on personalized solutions.

We also believe in the power of community. Our community enables more people to feel seen and heard, to discover new perspectives, to share and feel a sense of belonging. Sophisticated group formats therefore are our specialty.

Our priority is to build long-term partnerships in which we can demonstrate sustainable and measurable success. Therefore, we focus on our all-in-one approach with comprehensive success services, training formats and individual solutions for Likeminded customers.

About Likeminded

On the path to break the stigma around mental health

Our founding team realized in a variety of ways that there must be more to life than just getting by. From this, the idea was born to create a solution that would empower as many people as possible to realize their full potential.

A place for open conversations with like-minded people and experts who understand us - this is how Likeminded began.

Our team

We are Likeminded

At Likeminded, we are working on a global mindset shift. We believe we can change the world for the better by empowering more people to realize the power within themselves. Every day, we give our best to make this happen.

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Highly qualified mental health experts

Our Psychological Experts have been recruited according to the highest quality standards and represent a wide range of backgrounds, age groups and areas of expertise. A scientifically based quality assurance program, including supervision and training, guarantees best-in-class services and user experiences.

  • Psychiatrists, psychotherapists & certified coaches
  • Wide variety of nationalities and languages
  • Diversity for LGBTQIA+ & PoC Support
Portrait Jessica K.

Jessica K.

As a psychological behavioral therapist, I am happy to support you in establishing individual strategies to promote health, balance, and well-being.
Portrait Dr. Anna S.

Dr. Anna S.

English | Russian
I specialize in transitions and endings, psychology of time, existential questions. My work concentrates on saying “yes” to life, on finding your personal time, core essence, meaning and fulfillment.
Portrait Olga G.

Olga G.

English | Russian | Portuguese
As a psychotherapist and psychiatrist, I try to help my clients to find the best in themselves and to use these qualities in adaptive ways. I find it fascinating to watch my clients grow and change, and this is definitely the best reward for me.
Portrait Imen B.

Imen B.

Psychological Coach
German | English
My focus is on topics such as mindfulness, intercultural psychology, work-life balance, and emotion regulation. I enjoy celebrating successes with you and finding a balance that helps to improve the quality of your life.
Portrait Andreas A.

Andreas A.

Psychological Coach
German | English
As a systemic business coach and psychologist, I support you to grow sustainably and to develop your potential – in your professional and private life.
Portrait Cleo C.

Cleo C.

Psychological Coach
English | Chinese | Cantonese
I empower people to thrive from challenges and self-actualise to live a joyful, healthy and successful life. My focus areas include resilience, stress & conflict management, mindfulness, and values & purposes.

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Find our latest press releases and news here. If you want to get in touch with our press team, please email press@likeminded.care. Feel free to download and use our press kit if you want to feature Likeminded on your website.

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Let's create more space for mental health together

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