We are reinventing mental health care

At Likeminded, we are convinced that mental wellbeing should not be a privilege but a given. We strive to break the stigma surrounding mental health and our psyche as it affects us all. With the Likeminded approach, we want to empower every person to reach their full potential, overcome difficulties and make the world a better place for each of us.

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How it started

Our story

Growing up in a performance-driven society, we all are taught how to be tough, how to keep going despite feeling tired, and how a large portion of our value is determined by our output. Our founding team realized that there must be more to life than simply getting by. So, we came up with the idea to create a safe space for people to not only talk about their struggles but also to open up the conversation about how to make more of everyday life. A space for open communication with likeminded people and experts who truly understand. Soon after, Likeminded was founded.

What we believe in

Values that guide Likeminded


Anyone's data and disclosed information is completely safe with us. Employers do not have access to any information about their employees.


Being empowered is not only more fun but also a lot easier when done together.


Working with Likeminded means working on yourself. We put character development and strengthening a sense of self on top of our priorities.


Likeminded consists of various mental health experts that specialize in different fields of psychology, so that everyone can find the perfect fit.

Our team

We make mental health support accessible to everyone

We are a dynamic team of enthusiastic people that want to change how we think about and act on mental health. Consisting of coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other mental health experts, our team turns the latest research on how human beings can reach their full potential into a holistic product designed to make everyday life easier than it is now — one day at a time.


Highly qualified mental health experts

We recruit our Likeminded mentors according to the highest quality standards. Our mentors then undergo a scientifically based quality assurance program. This guarantees that all of our mentors provide you with a superior coaching experience, no matter which topic.

  • Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists & Certified Coaches
  • Great variety of nationalities and spoken languages
  • 1-1 sessions, Group Workshops & Webinars
Portrait Imen B.

Imen B.

Psychological Counselor
German | English
My focus is on topics such as mindfulness, intercultural psychology, work-life balance, and emotion regulation. I enjoy celebrating successes with you and finding a balance that helps to improve the quality of your life.
Portrait Andreas A.

Andreas A.

Psychological Counselor
German | English
As a systemic business coach and psychologist, I support you to grow sustainably and to develop your potential – in your professional and private life.
Portrait Olga G.

Olga G.

English | Russian | Portuguese
As a psychotherapist I try to help my clients to find the best in themselves and to use these qualities in adaptive ways. I find it fascinating to watch my clients grow and change, and this is definitely the best reward for me.
Portrait Jessica K.

Jessica K.

As a psychological behavioral therapist, I am happy to support you in establishing individual strategies to promote health, balance, and well-being.
Portrait Anna S.

Anna S.

Ph.D in Psychology, Psychotherapist
English | Russian
I specialize in transitions and endings, psychology of time, existential questions. My work concentrates on saying “yes” to life, on finding your personal time, core essence, meaning and fulfillment.
Portrait Cleo C.

Cleo C.

Psychological Counselor
English | Chinese
I empower people to thrive from challenges and self-actualise to live a joyful, healthy and successful life. My focus areas include resilience, stress & conflict management, mindfulness, and values & purposes.

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