Access to mental health support for all employees

At Likeminded, we believe that in a world where companies champion mental health, more people can live fulfilling lives.

Kimberly Breuer, Co-CEO, about the Likeminded approach

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"The goal is not only to be free from mental issues but to enable you to live your life to its full potential. We know that this journey towards mental strength needs to be individual and flexible. That's why we offer personalized solutions."

Kimberly Breuer

Psychologist and Co-CEO, Likeminded

On the path to break the stigma around mental health

Our founding team realized in a variety of ways that there must be more to life than just getting by. From this the idea was born to create a solution that would empower as many people as possible to realize their full potential. A place for open conversations with like-minded people and experts who understand us - this is how Likeminded began.

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We are Likeminded

At Likeminded, we are working on a global mindset shift. We believe we can change the world for the better by empowering more people to realize the power within themselves. Every day, we give our best to make this happen.

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Join the Likeminded team

Highly qualified mental health experts

Our Psychological Experts have been recruited according to the highest quality standards and represent a wide range of backgrounds, age groups and areas of expertise. A scientifically based quality assurance program, including supervision and training, guarantees best-in-class services and user experiences.

100+ Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists & Certified Coaches

Over 30+ languages and great diversity of nationalities

Diversity for LGBTQIA+ & PoC Support

Supervision and training guarantees the best performance

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Press & news

Find our latest press releases and news here. If you want to get in touch with our press team, please email us at

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Let's create more space for mental health together

Join the team to break the stigma around mental health with us. Not the right job or not the right time? Stay in touch with us through our talent pool.