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At Likeminded, we offer holistic support for mental health by creating personalized offers tailored to individual wishes and needs. All formats can be booked anonymously online. Simple. Quickly. Independent of time and place.

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Why it matters

It affects us all, privately or professionally

Our thoughts and feelings accompany us every day, even at work. Mental health is not only a private matter because it determines how efficient we can be at work and how well we feel. A healthy company needs healthy and happy employees.

Our approach

A personalized holistic offer: for proactive self-care

Mental health cannot be solved by a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why Likeminded offers different formats that pick up employees at the right place and support them in finding their own way to mental wellbeing.

Our offer in detail

Expert Webinars

Monthly webinars with many other members of the Likeminded community on selected mental health topics incl. live chat Q&A.

Group Workshops

A safe space for exchange with likeminded people. Accompanied by trained psychologists to develop effective strategies and solutions for specific issues.

Individual Sessions

Individual video sessions with qualified psychologists or psychotherapists to discuss personal as well as work-related issues individually.

Media Library

Digital exercises and meditations for overcoming everyday challenges and sustainable behavior change.

Why you should invest

Strengthening employees with the right investment

Investing in mental health means investing in the greatest asset of any company: its employees.

higher activation
Our usage rate is higher than traditional EAPs
more productivity
Every 1€ investment in mental health causes a 4€ gain in productivity.
our rating
Average rating given by users that use our offerings
want better support
Most employees actively wish for better mental health support at work.

Less expensive than average company perks

Benefits we offer

Likeminded guarantees the support your company needs

A secure and anonymous space

Private conversations take place via a secure web platform that can be accessed from the convenience of your personal device, mobile or desktop. Employee enrollment is confidential and anonymous from the employer.

Help at the comfort level

Some people prefer face-to-face conversations, others want to interact with other likeminded people or work independently with digital tools. Likeminded provides freely combinable offerings in one place.

Flexible trial period for 3 months

Likeminded offers a trial period in which your company has the opportunity to try out our offer.

Anonymous activity report

With this activity report we want to give you a quick overview of the impact Likeminded has on your employees and therefore on your entire organization.


Support for all challenges

It is important that everyone finds support with exactly what they need. Due to our large array of topics, employees can feel understood in various areas of their lives.


Reduce daily stressors and improve your work-life balance


Quiet your mind and calm your storm


Explore the mind-body relation to induce relaxation


Build positive relationships with yourself


Identify your core values and create long-term goals


Keep your relationships healthy, happy, and safe


Realign your career to where your opportunities are


Take the time to reconnect with your authentic self


What our customers say about Likeminded

This is one of the reasons why our partners like working with us. Happy employees – happy clients.

I wasn't sure what to expect at first and was then very positively surprised. The mentor's content and the perspectives of others helped me gain valuable insights. I am fascinated by the impact a group of likeminded people has left on me.

Platform member
Employee at Data4life

I just started with Likeminded, and I am impressed so far. From the questions I was asked, I could see that I was listened to very well. I have only attended one workshop, and it was very professional and to the point.

Platform member
Employee at Zenjob

The support I received was amazing. My group workshop mentor was responsive to each of us and didn't just give generic answers. I have enjoyed every session so far and look forward to more.

Platform member
Employee at Chronext

My mentor was successful in getting the participants to interact with each other. All members were really engaged in the conversations and didn't have time to be distracted by their cell phones or anything like that. The mentors create space for breathing exercises, which always calms me down.

Platform member
Employee at Zenjob

I highly recommend Likeminded to get started. I feel that I understand myself much better. Together with my therapist I have set goals and I don't feel judged when I reveal everything I am going through.

Platform member
Employee at Data4life

I had never had a session before and wasn't sure at first if it would be something for me. Likeminded was my first experience with therapy, and I am now very grateful to see how much it can change the way I work and my own wellbeing.

Platform member
Employee at Bravobike

I am always impressed with the quality of service I receive. I never thought I would be able to find a therapist so quickly, so I am very happy about my employer's collaboration with Likeminded.

Platform member
Employee at Chronext

The session was very nicely done, had a good mix of theory and practice! In addition, the presenter seemed to know what she was talking about and was able to take what was said and incorporate it into the meeting well.

Platform member
Employee at Edding
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Questions? We have answers!

All Likeminded mentors, just like all group participants, are bound by confidentiality. This means that everything that is shared in individual or group sessions stays there. In addition, employers cannot see who of their employees uses Likeminded.

All Likeminded mentors have studied psychology and are also trained by Likeminded. The mentors are specifically trained in dealing with groups and the digital support of users. All mentors also undergo continuous supervision and coaching.

Likeminded workshops and one-on-one meetings take place via the Zoom platform. This means that you can participate via a laptop or smartphone with a working internet connection. Here are a few more technical tips to ensure the best connection possible:

  • It's best to use Wi-Fi and not your phone's data
  • If possible, stay close to the Wi-Fi router while participating in a session to ensure the best possible connection
  • Use headphones with a microphone, if available, to ensure good audio quality

In an individual session, you have the opportunity to discuss a topic of your choice with a Likeminded mentor. You can talk about anything you want to discuss – whether it's professional or personal. Your Likeminded Mentor will listen to you, advise you, and work with you to develop goals and solutions.

The group workshop offers a balance of psychological input from your mentor and free exchange with the other group participants. The focus here is on working out strategies together to better deal with challenges in everyday life. A group mainly consists of 4-8 participants and a Likeminded mentor.

Likeminded recognizes the importance of mental wellbeing – we know that people who feel mentally well have the ability to take care of themselves and others, interact with others, and thrive. Therefore, it is important to protect, maintain or promote our mental wellbeing so that we are ready for stress. With this attitude we are guided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Likeminded cannot replace psychotherapy. It is important that everyone gets the support they need and that also suits them. For diagnoses or in case of mental illness, Likeminded is not the right contact and does not offer a substitute for psychotherapeutic and/or medical treatment. Likeminded should not be used in cases of mental illness and psychosis, severe trauma, suicidal thoughts or severe addictions.

In crisis and emergency situations, please contact your doctor immediately or contact the following agencies (free of charge):

  • German telephone counselling: +49 800 - 1110111 or +49 800 - 1110222.
  • Anonymous help for children and adolescents: (online counseling)
  • Counseling for people under 25 with suicidal thoughts: (e-mail counseling)

Machine learning for mental health

Likeminded aims to use machine learning algorithms based on anonymous user data to recommend the best goal-oriented user journey. The user will receive recommendations for the most-fitting offering format and best matching mentor.